Sunday, August 9, 2009

"At" some time....

Its been an agonizing month till now. So much planning and so little execution. It feels bad. Really bad. Never knew I could be so frustated. May be I am like that.
Till now, no good news. Seems like eternity from the last one(did it ever happen?).Good question....isn't it?
Perhaps I am trying too hard. One friend even mentioned that casually. I couldnt pick it up.
Rather I ddnt.

Felt nice after watching Jab We Met(this I guess was my 16th time). I dont know why but I liked it. Mindless film. Yet enjoyable.



I guess so.
On the other hand,why do I guess so much?

Its 5o' clock in the morning now. Maybe I am a tad little too tired. These days nothing seems right. Yet everything is! problem? yet to come.

Want to work very hard.

Very very hard.

Hah!!....I laugh....I laugh out loud!

Nothing like solving puzzles at 3o'clock in the morning with a hot cuppa(? was just a cup of tea).
Yet just 180 degrees behind my eyes, I feel tensed.

Anxious would( or should?) be the word....the assignment isnt over yet.


Good memory. You can really insult people well. Thrice down and still going


I am mad.
Yes....I am not insane...I am mad.

Check up that dictionary for the difference...and you will only find the summation!


You big bully....SHOOOO!

No wait!...I forgot to mention one thing....

Dont look behind.

I am slow....but I will gain.

Look up.....more than 80 not there,,a little to the a little a little....another speck....yeah thats.....oh God....not again!

Should I?

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

P.S.- Not for the faint hearted I must say.
Intended intentional warning....BEWARE.

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  1. I totally sympathize with you...i go through the same a lot of times.